1.000 hectares of vineyards located in the plains of La Mancha 650 meters above sea level.

The entire cultivation area is subjected to rigorous regular checks in order to ensure quality.


  • 350m/mofRainfall
  • Temperatures 400C and-100C ranging between




  • VERDEJO: It is originally from the Duero Strip, in ancient times used for the production of so-called “solera wines”. It is usually used to produce very fruity young wines.


  • AIRÉN: A characteristic grape of La Mancha. This variety is the most widespread in Spain as it adapts to extremely dry and hot weather. It’s highly resistant to drought and to most diseases. It is used mainly in the development of young and traditional wines; it produces wines with moderate acidity and good aromas.


  • TEMPRANILLO: A typical grape of our country and recognized as one of the best red wine varieties. It’s a kind of medium / early maturity plant perfect for producing intense color wines with low acidity and high alcohol content with stupendous aging in oak.


  • SYRAH: Another type of wine with dubious origin. One theory places its origin in Syrah (Iran) another in Syracuse (Sicily) and the last in France. It’s a type which is easily adaptable to all kinds of weather with great resistance to common diseases. It produces powerful and mature wines of intense violet colour.


  • CABERNET: It’s between Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc from the middle of XVII century in the French region of Bordeaux, this variety adapts to different climates. It has a high resistance to frost. Ideal for wines, it produces wines with dense tannins, deep colour and complex fruity aromas.