Syrah – 6 Bottles Pack 75cl


Tasting Notes: Visually it is a very dark and intense red and violet wine. Its floral aroma also reminds of nuts and smoked touches. In mouth it’s rich in tannins, vigorous, unctuous, full-bodied but also with fresh taste. High acidity. Service temperature: 16 °C

Pairing: Bush meat, beef, strong cheese (goat or roquefort).


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Area: La Mancha.
City: Miguel Esteban.
Type of wine: Red young wine.
Wineries: Lairén Wineries.
Varieties: 100% Syrah.
Climate: Mediterranean continental. Annual rainfall of 350 mm.

Collection system: Mechanised. Year of plantation: Year 2003 Production: 1.500 hl

Capacity: 75 cl.
Bordelesa bottle range Stilus dark colour. Glass weight 560 gr; Height 325.5, 74 mm Diameter. Synthetic cork Normacor. Available in boxes of 6 or 12 units upon request.

Alcoholic grade: 13% Acidity: 4.6
PH: 3.6

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